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Bad hair day? Come in and let our hair specialists find the perfect look for you. From blocking, solids, highlights, bling bling blond, we offer all the choices to brighten your locks. Let us help you find the perfect look and product to allow you to have nothing but good hair days. Who ever said "mousey" was in? 
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Feature Product:
Unite Blonda Shampoo & Conditioner
Key features: Toning
1. Keeps blondes vibrant and cool toned
2. Enhances shine
3. Keeps the yellow out!
4. This is the best Blonde toning shampoo you will ever use!!

Neuro Smoothing iron, now available!
2 year warranty
Premium titanium plates that deliver perfect, even heat in seconds, and glide through hair in one effortless pass, for ultra-efficient styling.

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